What our pupils are saying

Great instructor, patient, kind and really easy to get on with

Couldn’t have asked for anyone better. Thank you so much David!!!

Sheila Gesage

Absolutely amazing passed first time with Ruben

he’s a great instructor helped loads with my confidence highly recommend to everybody!!!! THANKYOU!

Amy Hudson

Fantastic instructor 100% recommend!

Great person to get on with and is very helpful and friendly. Would recommend to all my friends and family!!

Ellis Bowman

After a really bad experience with another driving instructor

I started lessons with Dave and if it wasn’t for him i would not have passed! Very supportive, on time and reliable! Thanks so much!!

Emma Shaw

Fab instructor

could not have passed my test with out him I’d recommend him to eny1 really good 

Katy Oxly

Highly recommend

teaches you how to drive and not just pass your test!

Millie Downing

The best instructor by far!

Really kind, helpful and friendly. He’s very patient towards you and i would definitely recommend him. Thanks Dave!

Jessica Amy

Dave is the best driving instructor out there!

He is really supportive and easy to get along with. He teaches you some really good techniques that stick in your head and makes the big day Easy for. Keep up all the good work!

Nosheen Sadiq

Great instructor

I would recommend anyone to have him thanks Dave

Kieran Mitchell Thomas

All my family has gone through driving with this particular school

I will really recommend to everyone. Patient and friendly instructor. Brilliant try them. Five star. If still on when my grandchildren will require training, I will take them there.

Gladys Gesage

Great driving school and learning experience!

excellent driving instructor Ruben Wilkes easy going and patient! Passed with only 3 minors!

Eddie Dakwa

Brilliant driving instructor

passed on 23rd Feb with just 2 minors after 6 month! Started with Dave as a complete beginner. Will recommend to anyone and everyone. Will not find a better instructor! Thank you for teaching me a skill ill use for life and such a fun 6 month learning.. you the man!!!

Kirsty Elizabeth

Brilliant instructor!

Would recommend to anyone in Rotherham!

Kurtis Wilson

Great and friendly instructor!

Helps you pass as quick as possible and helps with your theory as well as easy techniques for manoeuvres etc. definitely recommend if you’re looking for lessons!!

Ruth McDool

Great instructors with best driving methods and tips to help you pass

I definitely recommend Lpass’o to any one learning to drive!

Sophie Taylor

Would not have been able to pass my driving test without Dave!!

Absolutely fantastic driving instructor. Would 100% recommend to anyone!! Thankyou



Charlotte Hobson

Dave is the best instructor ever

would recommend him to anyone. 

Jamie Smith

Ruben Wilkes excellent instructor

helped to get me through my test as quick as possible. And (first time) i would deffo recomend to family n friends.
Cheers once again



Jonathan Cooke

Great driving instructor

very patient and friendly. Easy to learn from, highly recommend  x

Leona Kathryn

Dave is really laid back

easy to get on with and puts you at ease, makes manoeuvres and theory easy to remember and tests you on it too, not expensive either, would recommend to anyone, I recommended a friend and she passed with Dave too 

Gemma Lambert

Top guy is Dave 🙂

Finally passed and I wouldn’t have done it without Dave, a really friendly guy with helpful tips to assure you pass with ease. Thankyou Dave

Danny 'Dee' Clarke

Fantastic Instructor

really easy to get a long with. He tells you easy ways to remember how to do your manoeuvres too which really helps. Would highly recommend to anyone!!


Nikki Gladwin